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Dooars is the gateway to the hill stations of North Bengal and Bhutan. Famous for its tea gardens, forests and the River Teesta, it is ideal for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The region is known for its wildlife sanctuaries where one can spot herds of deer, one-horned rhinos, elephants, guars and reptiles. The bird population here is an ornithologist's delight. An added attraction is the Tiger reserve. White water rafting, trekking and jungle safaris are must dos.

Here are some places of interest -
  • Jayanti- 22 KM
  • Buxa - 22km
  • Phuentsholing -47km
  • Coachbehar - 39Km
  • Chilapata - 30Km
  • Jaldapara - 55Km
  • Kodalbasti - 20Km (Elephant Safari)
  • Assam Border - 25 Km
  • Rajabhatkhawa Forest -15km
  • Falakata Kunjanagar - 60Km
  • Gorumara Forest -90Km
  • Hatipota -30Km
  • Roshikbil -30Km
  • Shilbango -35Km
  • Bhutan Ghat- 35km
  • Kalikhola -50Km
  • Totopara Probasti - 45Km
  • Rangamati -45Km

Yoga Facility

like a good Sight Seeing Tours experience in the greenery of the Himalaya , especially if you're one of those who has a love for both great thrilling adventure, a sense of fun and an immense love for water. Maa Greenery View offers ample opportunities for trekking. It is possible here to organize a half day trip or a full day trip which involves a run of 26 Km and requires a minimum of only two people as there are groups covering this stretch almost every day. But if you are looking for some more quality time to spend on the river then we recommend you take the longer 36 Km stretch. However, this would require at least four people. The day rafting experiences are the easiest to handle and can be finished in a short period, so much so that you can jolly well be back in your homesthe next day or if luck may have ot the very same day as well- all that and you have had an amazing day adventure to add to your de-stressing activities as well. Especially recommended for those who follow a very rigorous and busy schedule and can only take out a day or two to live it out. A must for all kinds of people as these expeditions do not require much level of expertise and can be enjoyed by almost everyone as long as you pay attention to the brief given to you. So simply de-stress one of these weekend and come to Rishikesh and greet the Ganga with open arms. Some great grade III rapids are here to greet you!


Trekking in India is one of the finest in the world. Not only do we boast of the highest range of mountains offering even professional trekkers a challenge but some of routes are easily accessible by even amateurs and first time trekkers. Most of these 'easy' treks are located in the northern state of West Bengal often starting from the town of Alipurduar.

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